Human Resources Career

5 skills needed in a Human Resources career

Are you ready for a career that allows you to truly make a difference in the success of your company? Perhaps you should consider a Human Resources specialist career. At Elmira Business Institute, we offer a career-focused degree program to prepare you to enter the business world and take on a pivotal role in just about any industry.

In addition to the skills and training you’ll receive at EBI, here are 5 important skills every human resources specialist must possess:

  1. Customer Service: As an HR specialist you’ll be playing the middle-man between a company and it’s employees. Your “people-skills” will really come in handy in order to keep everyone happy.

  2. Organization: Obviously the more employees a company has, the more responsibilities are likely to fall into your lap. Being able to keep employee records updated will be very important.

  3. Problem-Solving: When an employee has a problem with the employer or vice-versa, guess whose job it is to arbitrate a solution? A calm, rational mind will help these tense situations.

  4. Negotiation: Because you will be the liaison between employee and employer, you will need to be able to understand both parties and be able to reach a suitable settlement that both sides will feel is a fair compromise.

  5. Multi-Tasking: Every day will be different, but a human resources manager typically has a lot on their plate. You need to be able to balance and prioritize your work to best benefit the employees and the company.


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