What does a Certified Medical Assistant do?

An educated and Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) serves a very important role in a health care facility. Working with both doctors and patients, a medical assistant works to keep the office organized, while keeping the doctors prepped for patients and vice versa.

With a certification in our Medical Assisting program, an intensive 12-month program at EBI Career College, you may be able to gain an edge on your competition in one of the fastest growing occupations. Career placement assistance is also available upon completion of the certification program.

What kind of work will you do as a Medical Assistant?

Depending on where your education takes you, your duties as a certified Medical Assistant will vary depending on your setting, but your job is to make life easier for both doctors and patients. Specific duties might be a little more comprehensive in a relaxed health clinic environment, but in a more fast paced and intense setting like the ER, your job may be specified to the needs of your unit and health care practice.

Setting is everything for a Medical Assistant

You can tailor your education to fit a specific course if you know where you want to land after graduation.

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