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Earn your Medical Billing & Coding certificate in 12 months


For a variety of reasons, the health care industry has been expanding for the last several years, driving demand for qualified professionals to fill positions. If you’re considering a new career, EBI can help you get the medical billing and coding training you need to begin a great career.  


Also known as medical records or health information technicians, medical billing and coding specialists organize and manage health information data. Although related, medical billing and medical coding are two separate functions. A medical coder transcribes the notes and records from doctors and medical staff. A medical biller uses that information to ensure the practice gets paid by patients or third parties such as insurance companies.


What you’ll learn in the medical billing & coding program

Medical Coding and Billing training includes communication, technology, and of course, medical specialty courses. General education classes include computer and software training. You’ll take courses to build your knowledge base, including medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and medical office procedures. Advanced courses include Health Care Reimbursement and Health Information Technology.


Are you ready for a career in a growing field?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for qualified individuals to fill medical billing and coding jobs will rise 22% by 2022. If you are ready for a challenging career, now is a great time to consider the Medical Coding and Billing certificate program at EBI. You can complete the program at our medical billing and coding schools in Vestal, NY.


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