Career Services

Career Services is a unique student service offering a variety of Student and Graduate resources to assist in career search strategies.

Here we develop Job Search Skills, Exploration, and Strategies through:

  • A workforce readiness program
  • Career-related externship experiences
  • Mock individual and peer interviews
  • Workshops on various career development techniques
  • Resume building and business communication assistance

We also strive to get our Local Employers involved by providing Annual Business and Medical Expos to offer students the essential communication and networking opportunities to further their career path!



Starting in Orientation, you will embark on a journey toward the completion of your Passport to Externship. Career Services will provide effective soft skills training throughout your core curriculum classes which will prepare you to easily transition into the workplace.

We also provide assistance, if needed, with part time employment during your time as a student at EBI!

Career Services offers a variety of resources for employers as well!


An externship is an unpaid training program intended to give students practical experience in their field of study. Similar to apprenticeships or internships, externships are more of a brief job shadowing experience. Students gain first-hand insight into their career of interest. Engagement also ranges from very hands-on to more spectator-shadowing depending on the position and field. Other than important insight into a potential career, externships can be extremely valuable for a number of reasons to assist students in their career search.


Through career services, employers can post their positions to get students’ resumes matching their job openings. The business expo and the medical expo are also opportunities for employers to interact with our students and get insight on a potential employee.

Career Services offers a variety of resources for alumni to stay in contact with their alma mater.

  • Annual school reunions
  • Guest speaking opportunities
  • Advisory boards and professional development
  • Workshops on various career development topics
  • Job search assistance
  • Potential employment opportunities

About Us

Career Services office is located on campus.

Vestal Campus

4100 Vestal Rd.

Vestal, NY 13850

Phone: 607-729-8915

Fax: 607-729-8916

By Email:

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