Career Placement

Career Placement Assistance Available for All EBI Graduates

As you near completion of your program, we encourage you to talk to the people in Career Placement. They can help you:

  • Write your resume
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Make contact with prospective employers


Career placement doesn’t stop with your first job
Just because you complete your program doesn’t mean you aren’t still part of the EBI family. Our commitment to your success extends beyond issue of your certificate or degree.

If you ever want to change jobs, you will still have access to Career Services. This includes if you make the decision to change your career focus. We maintain relationships with employers to ensure that the training you receive is always up-to-date. Employers are eager to hire EBI graduates because our tech training and career schools have a long history of academic excellence and quality alumni.

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Not Sure if You're Ready for Career Training?

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