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Why Choose EBI?

From the time you contact EBI about career training, you’ll have a team of people supporting your goals. We understand that enrolling is a commitment and completing your program can be challenging. And we want it to be.

Our goal is not simply to turn out graduates. Our goal is to turn out people who can step into a medical or business position and produce results on a professional level.

We understand that your reason for being here – and your experience – will be unique. And we want that experience to be enriching and transformative. You’ll find your ebi, and we’ll be with you throughout the entire process.

Learn How to Succeed at School in Our Freshman Seminar
Everyone becomes important at EBI. We understand that you may face some unique challenges when you begin your program.

Our Freshman Seminar is designed to help prepare you for the challenges of a professional environment. It addresses the common challenges students face at career and technical schools. We want you to learn the organizational skills, interpersonal communication, and goal setting that can help you succeed as a student AND in your professional life.

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We offer student services to help make your experience at EBI the best it possibly can and encourage you to take advantage of any and all of them.

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