6 Things Millennials Want from a Job


Millennials will make up about half of the United States workforce by 2020. Compared to the generations before them, their expectations and views about their careers have evolved and are quite different. So, what do millennials want from a job?

  1. Rewards for hard work and loyalty
  2. Service opportunities
  3. Workplace flexibility and freedom
  4. Positive workplace culture
  5. Work-life balance
  6. Opportunities to innovate


1. Rewards for Hard Work and Loyalty

Even though millennials are known as “job hoppers,” they value loyalty. If their employer is loyal to them, rewards them for their hard work and provides opportunities for advancement, they are more likely to stay in their current position.

90% of millennials say they would stay in their current position if they were guaranteed annual raises and opportunities for career advancement. Millennials only look for other work when they are feeling undervalued and underappreciated in their current role.


2. Service Opportunities

Millennials value the opportunity to give back by volunteering for charities and participating in other service events. 55% of surveyed millennials said that a company’s support for social causes was an important factor in accepting a job offer.


3. Workplace Flexibility and Freedom

As a workforce, millennials like to do things their way – and do not like micro-management. They also enjoy the ability to work from home. 92% of millennials would like the opportunity to work from home, even for just one day per week.


4. Positive Workplace Culture

A positive working environment helps create a sense of unity, collaboration and community for millennials. Amenities like free food, flexible workspaces and in-office events help create this environment.


5. Work-Life Balance

Millennials like to have plenty of time to spend on their family, hobbies and recreation. The average millennial would take a $7,600 pay cut to work in an environment that offers a better work-life balance. Millennials are a very social generation. So, it’s no surprise that they value being social at work. 57.3% of millennials say that they would prefer a job with friendly coworkers. They don’t want the daily grind where they go to work and then go home. They enjoy spending time with coworkers and some even consider their coworkers’ friends.


6. Opportunities to Innovate

78% of millennials believe that innovation is key for business growth, and 68% of them self-describe as innovative. They want opportunities to be innovative at work, change the way their companies operate and create organizations that can continue to grow in the future. They love the challenge of startups and love to see that they were part of something bigger than themselves.


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