Medical Billing and Coding is a booming profession. As the medical field becomes increasingly digital, Medical Records professionals are in-demand.  These professionals, also known as Medical Billing and Coding Technicians, are an essential part of the healthcare team. If you want job security and are looking for a career where you can make a difference, consider learning medical coding at EBI.

What is Medical Coding?

Medical Coders manage medical records and health information. They work hard to protect sensitive patient information, categorize information for insurance reimbursement, and classify medical and treatment information into a system of codes that medical and insurance professionals use.

Why learn Medical Coding?

The job outlook is strong; according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the profession is expected to grow at 11% between now and 2028, which is much faster than the average for most professions. Beyond this crucial fact, Medical Coding has many other benefits: you’re an important part of helping patients access the care and insurance reimbursement they need and there’s also the potential for diverse career options. There are even opportunities to work from home.

What soft skills do I need?

If this career sounds attractive, you should know which soft skills will help you in your training and career.  You can learn the technical aspects at EBI, and your chances of career success increase if you also possess skills such as basic computer knowledge and a detail-oriented mind. Integrity is important for health technicians, because one of their major responsibilities is protecting sensitive patient information. Analytical and detail-oriented people can succeed in this occupation because the data must be accurate, and technicians must understand medical records and diagnoses.

How to get started?

If you possess those personal attributes and are interested in working with patient data and technology, it’s time to take the next step. Most jobs in the field require post-secondary education. EBI’s Medical Coding programs can give you the skills employers are looking for. You will learn billing software, insurance claims reimbursement, data protection, and other necessary skills.

How to Learn Medical Coding at EBI

EBI offers two paths into this career. Our Medical Billing and Coding Certificate allows you to gain accelerated, hands-on training and earn your certificate in as few as 12 months. If you want deeper skill training to open your career options and advancement, enroll in our Medical Coding and Reimbursement Specialist Associate Degree and earn your degree in as few as 16 months. To request additional information about EBI’s programs, courses, and more, call us today at 607-729-8915.



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