Average Medical Office Administrator Salary in New York

Whether you’re exploring a new career in healthcare administration or simply wondering if your present pay is up to par, it is important to know the average medical office administrator salary in New York. Even so, you must remember that “medical office administrator” is a broad term. Salaries in this field vary from position to position. Learn about the average compensation for three common medical office administration roles below.


Average Medical Office Administrator Salary in New York


Medical Administrative Assistants

According to Glassdoor, medical administrative assistants in the state of New York earn an average of $38,263 per year. Broken down by 40 hours a week, this amounts to $18.40 an hour. Considering that their average hourly wage is $8 more than the state minimum wage of $10.40 an hour, medical administrative assistants earn an excellent entry-level income. Furthermore, experienced medical administrative assistants can make as much as $57,000 per year.


Health Information Technicians

If your current or desired position primarily involves working with medical records, you can generally classify it to be within the field of “health information.” Indeed states that health information technicians in New York State have an average annual salary of $46,690. In addition, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects positions in health information to grow by 13% between 2016 and 2026. This is faster than the 5 – 9% growth expected for most careers.


Medical Office Managers

Some of the highest paid medical office administrators are medical office managers. Glassdoor states that medical office managers profit from an average annual salary of $53,528 in the state of New York. Given that the U.S. Census Bureau reports New York’s median household income to be $60,741, $53,528 is relatively high for one individual alone.


Earn an Above-Average Medical Office Administrator Salary in New York

Though it is always possible to network and negotiate, one of the most effective ways to land a high-paying position is to further your education. By having more training than the average medical office administrator, you are more likely to be offered an above-average salary. If you’d like to broaden your scope of knowledge, reach out to EBI at (607) 729-8915. EBI offers an Associate in Occupational Studies with an emphasis in Medical Office Technologies that can expand your skill set in several areas of medical office administration.

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