Entry-Level Jobs in Healthcare Administration


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in medical records and healthcare management are growing at a significant rate. Yet, because positions in these fields often require advanced degrees and several years of experience, you may be unsure of how to get your foot in the door. Though higher education and tenure can certainly help further your career, there are three common entry-level jobs in healthcare administration that you can obtain with an associate degree.


Entry-Level Jobs in Healthcare Administration


Administrative Coordinator

Of all the professionals in healthcare administration, administrative coordinators are likely the ones you’re most familiar with. These professionals function as the “face” of the facility. Administrative coordinators answer phones, verify insurance benefits, and bill clients and insurance companies. In other words, they are responsible for most of the day-to-day administrative duties in doctor’s offices and hospitals. So, if you are brand new to the healthcare industry, working as an administrative coordinator could be a great way for you to learn how medical facilities operate.

Office Manager

Already have prior healthcare or management experience? Consider pursuing a position in office management. Office managers are the link between upper management and the rest of an organization’s employees. In small practices, office managers may work under a single physician, while in larger facilities, they may take direction from a full executive team. Office managers are in the unique position to see how decisions made behind the scenes directly affect patients and staff members alike.

Executive Assistant

If you’d like to work your way up to upper management, it is wise to first spend some time as an executive assistant. Executive assistants work closely with c-suite executives to help ensure that each of their projects is seen to completion. This position requires high-level organization and communication skills, but it is an excellent way for aspiring executives to gain real-world experience while completing their bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Land One of These Entry-Level Jobs in Healthcare Administration

Though the positions listed above are often deemed “entry-level,” they still require a basic understanding of medical terminology, electronic medical records, and medical coding and billing. If your knowledge in any of these areas is lacking, contact EBI’s Vestal campus at (607) 729-8915 or check out EBI’s medical office technologies degree program to learn how you can obtain the education you need to begin a career in healthcare administration.


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