Do’s and Don’ts of a Medical Assisting Job Interview

If you’re ready to start an actual career and leave the dead-end jobs behind you, EBI Career College is the place to start. Part of what we do is helping you transition from training to your job search.

We can help you prepare for a job interview, so you are able to sell yourself as a valuable asset to any team. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind as you prepare for a Medical Assisting job interview.


DO: Dress appropriately.

 When you look good, you feel confident. A nice suit, or at least a pressed shirt and tie for the guys, and an office-appropriate dress or blouse and slacks for the ladies.


DON’T: Arrive late.

 Be sure to arrive at your interview location 10 – 15 minutes early, just in case the company requires you to fill out paperwork.


DO: Research the company.

 Learn as much as you can about the prospective medical facility in order to show you are as interested in working for them as they are work with you.


DON’T: Slouch, use slang or display any other bad habits.

 Remember you are trying to make a good first impression and your every move is being analyzed to determine if you have what it takes to fit in at the company. Manners are free.


DO: Bring copies of your resume and letters of recommendation.

 Be sure to have several copies of your medical assisting resume with you, as it is custom for others to sit in on an interview —  as well as copies of references, letters of recommendation or your portfolio.


DON’T: Worry about salary details.

You want the interviewer to think you are first and foremost interested in working for the company, not just looking for a paycheck. Present your salary expectations only when asked.


Discover a Medical Assisting career at EBI Career College

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