5 Requirements of a Medical Assistant You’ve Already Mastered as a Parent

Are you a stay-at-home parent who is looking at getting back to work? Pursuing a dream and a career can be a scary concept when you have been out of the workforce for a long time. Have you ever considered becoming a Medical Assistant? Funnily enough, there are five requirements of a Medical Assistant you’ve already mastered as a parent.


Why it matters: As a Medical Assistant, you will be expected to be a jack-of-all-trades, no matter if your job is in a small office or in a large hospital. You may be required to take vitals, give medical assistance and care for another patient – sometimes all at once. Multi-tasking is an important piece of both parenting and being a Medical Assistant.

How parenting helps: If you are a parent, you can multi-task. It’s that simple. You learn to do things with one hand while holding the baby in the other. You have more than one kid? You’ve got this down.



Why it matters: Medical Assistants need to be very organized. Mistakes can jeopardize someone’s health. Having a well-planned out day can help make your life easier. Remaining calm during stressful situations will not only help the patient remain calm, but your stress levels will thank you too.

How parenting helps: You must have organization in your day to ensure that you do not forget anything and so that your kids are well taken care of. Diaper bag? Check. Keys? Check. Bottles? Check. Kids? Check.



Why it matters: Communication with patients is an essential part of the job. Patients can’t read minds and you must use a language that they will understand, not just medical terminology. You also communicate with the nurses and physicians on a regular basis. Having clear and concise communication is critical.

How parenting helps: As a parent, you know that communicating with a child can be difficult, but it is also critical and an essential part of parenting. Children can’t read minds either. Raising your voice without any explanation is just asking for a catastrophe.



Why it matters: This may be self-explanatory, but you need empathy as a Medical Assistant. You can’t go to a patient’s family who is waiting in the hospital and tell them their loved one is sick without showing empathy and that you care.

How parenting helps: As a parent, you’ve already learned you must be empathetic to the needs and feelings of your children. If they are having a bad day at school, it is important to sit down with them, ask them what is going on and help them solve their problems with care and compassion.


Customer Service

Why it matters: Medical Assistants spend the majority of their workday in front of patients, whether it’s on the phone or in person. Sometimes patients can be difficult. You cannot let your emotions control how you react to them. You may be the first and last person they see at the doctor’s office, so the impression you leave on them is crucial.

How parenting helps: You want your children to be happy. When they’re misbehaving, you can’t yell at them and send them to their room. It’s important to explain what they did wrong and why it made you upset. You are the person who your child looks up to and most times, kids will grow up to be just like their parents. It’s important to have patience with them and help them live the happiest life.


Medical Assistant Program at EBI Career College

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