What to Include On Your Medical Billing & Reimbursement Resume

The healthcare industry is booming, but while jobs are in-demand, competition is fierce. You have to make a good first impression before you ever get your foot in the door, and it begins with your resume.

If you’re ready to sit down and put together a professional resume to pursue your medical billing and coding career, you probably have a lot of questions. How do I format? What keywords should I use? The career services staff at EBI Career College has come up with some quick tips for writing an effective resume.


It’s your resume. You don’t need to include your life story. Make sure to hit the strong points: Who you are; Where you received your training; Your experience in the field. Be sure to include the following:


“Action” words.

Your resume needs to grab an interviewers’ attention. Avoid passive phrases like “responsible for.” Instead, use action-oriented words such as “executed,” “organized” and “coordinated” to highlight your potential impact.

Make it scannable.

Believe it or not, but yours is one of many resumes a potential employer will evaluate to determine whether or not you receive an interview. Use scannable keywords that are directly related to the medical billing and coding field. It helps to use words and phrases from the job description.

No room for mistakes.

This could be your only shot at getting an interview, make it count. Be sure your resume is 100% error free. Use spell check. Have a friend or family member proofread. Be thorough.


Keep your resume up-to-date.

As you gain skills and experience, make sure to add it so your resume is ready when you need it. You never know when an opportunity will come your way.


One page is enough.

You only need to include relevant information on your resume. It shouldn’t take more than a page. Be sure to limit your resume to include only information vitally important to establishing your impact on a company.


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