Office Technology Classes

What classes can you take in Office Technologies career training?

Technology is everywhere and the modern office is no exception. At EBI Career College, our Office Technologies program can prepare you to make a difference in an office environment. We offer a career-focused curriculum training in the essential office skills necessary for entry-level positions as assistants to executives in a wide variety of business, technical, industrial, or governmental institutions.

We have an industry-experienced faculty to help guide you through your training courses. You can develop such skills as keyboarding, word processing, computers and desktop publishing.

Our career-focused office technology classes include:

  • Business Organization/Management: This  course  addresses  the  organization  and  operation  of  retail,  wholesale,  and service businesses in the form of proprietorship, partnership, and corporations. Emphasis is placed on strategic and tactical planning, critical thinking, and leadership styles.
  • Principles of Accounting I: This course provides an introduction to fundamental accounting principles that can be used in either service or manufacturing enterprises used in a variety of public and private enterprises.
  • Computer CoursesThese courses teach you basic computer and software applications including: Word Processing Applications, Spreadsheet Applications, Database Applications and Presentation Skills Applications.
  • Economics: This is a basic overview of macro- and microeconomics theory and practice. The course covers planned and market economic systems, the scarcity and opportunity cost analyzation, as well as the laws of supply and demand.

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Students will experience the medical emphasis in their third and fourth terms. During  the  final  term  of  study,  students  participate  in  an  Office Technologies externship, which can provide you with  an opportunity to work in the field under the supervision and evaluation of a cooperating business facility and the college.

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