Business Management Classes: The Skills You Need to Succeed


If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own business or of being the manager of a business, there are some basic skills you’ll need in order to be successful. In EBI’s Business Management program, you can earn a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in small business management. While earning your degree, you can prepare for your career by gaining the necessary experience and skills. Read on to learn more about the business management classes that will help you launch an accomplished career.



Principles of Management

To become a successful leader, students need to gain an understanding of the basic theories of management. Learn effective planning, managerial analysis, decision-making and more. This course might include topics such as ethics, communication skills, strategies for increasing productivity, and all the foundational concepts of managerial best practices.


Human Resources Management

It is essential that a responsible manager learns how to be a good partner to their human resources team, or to take on that role if the business is just starting out. Human Resources includes recruiting, developing, compensating, and evaluating all staff. This course would also cover issues such as compensation, legal matters, and benefit costs.


Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Learning the various stages of the entrepreneurial process is important to executing it well. Here, students can learn innovation, monetization, and management practices for businesses. They can study how to develop business plans, analyze market opportunities, and how to assess the success of a new business.


Principles of Marketing

In order to bring in new customers, you must market your business. Principles of Marketing can help students understand consumers’ desires, analyze markets and target markets, and strategize campaigns. Examining case studies, especially, demonstrate marketing principles and best practices.


Introduction to Accounting

Any good manager needs to have a grasp on the business’s finances, and accounting principles help you understand, record, and analyze that information. In this class, students can learn about the skills necessary for bookkeeping and accounting so that they can organize and evaluate financial statements and make better business decisions.


Where to Take Business Management Classes

At EBI, you could learn all the above and more, preparing you for your successful business administration career. Whether you want to manage an already thriving business, help someone develop a struggling business, or start your own business, the skills you’ll learn in EBI’s Business Administration Program will help you succeed!


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