How to Build Management Skills in College


While many schools offer degrees in business management, EBI understands that the most effective leaders extend their education beyond the classroom alone. Thus, at EBI, we encourage all of our business management students to apply their coursework to the real world. This not only builds their resumes in preparation for graduation — it allows them to strengthen their skill sets and better define their professional goals. Below, we will discuss three ways students can plan for success.

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Find a Mentor

When students decide they’d like to own or manage a business, it’s often because they’ve been inspired by the work of a dynamic leader or entrepreneur. At EBI, we remind our students that by mimicking their role model’s path to achievement, they can set themselves up for the same level of accomplishment. And if their inspiration comes from someone they know personally, we encourage them to open a dialog with the individual. Many students are surprised to learn how willing others are to help kindred spirits follow in their footsteps. Even if our students are unable to contact their source of inspiration directly, we find that they can typically identify the qualities they admire in at least one of their professors, managers, family members, or older friends. These individuals can be excellent mentors, as well.



Another way to find a mentor is to secure an internship. In most internship programs, students work directly under a seasoned professional within their field of interest. This is a fantastic way for students to study the personal habits and attributes of respected managers, as well as the culture of their industry as a whole. Internships also provide students with hands-on experience and tangible applications of the information they are learning in the classroom. Students can find internship openings on LinkedIn, job boards, and individual company websites.


Get Involved in the Community

Academic clubs and community organizations, such as nonprofits, provide additional outlets for motivated students to gain firsthand management experience. Because such entities do not provide compensation or college credit, the bar for entry is typically lower than it is for more structured, professional internships. For this reason, academic clubs and community organizations are a terrific way for college freshmen to begin building their resumes and strengthening their skill sets. And for students who can’t find an organization that matches their interests, we encourage them to use their entrepreneurial drive to create one that does.


Tie It All Together

Students who have knowledgeable mentors, extensive internship experience, and a history of community involvement have bright futures ahead of them. Still, real-world exposure is no substitute for a solid academic background. Small business owners and managers must comply with a wide variety of state and federal regulations, and it is crucial that they understand how to meet legal compliance. Furthermore, by understanding business theory, students will be better equipped to execute their overall missions. Therefore, if you are interested in owning or managing a business but are not yet enrolled in a business management degree program, we encourage you to reach out to our Vestal campus at 607-729-8915. Our admissions representatives look forward to discussing how EBI can best meet your educational needs.



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